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About CultuurNet Vlaanderen

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CultuurNet Vlaanderen (Brussels, 2002) specialises in cultural marketing. At the request of the Flemish authorities, this organisation tries to give (more) people (more) appetite for (more) culture.


Flemish people spend 80% of their leisure time within a radius of 30 kilometres of their home. To give the most appealing possible answers to the questions ‘What can I do in my leisure time?’ and ‘What can I find in my own neighbourhood?’, CultuurNet Vlaanderen has established an UiTnetwerk (out network) of local and regional partners that should in time cover the whole of Flanders: from OuT in Aarschot and OuT in the Kortrijk area to OuT in Sint-Laureins and OuT in Brussels. These local partners’ websites and magazines are the shortest route to the activities and events taking place just around the corner.

This OuTnetwork obtains its information from the UiTdatabank (OuTdatabase). This is the central point where all the information on leisure time and culture in Flanders is assembled. 3000 local contacts input 70,000 activities every year. is the shop window that displays the full range on offer in Flanders. The OuTdatabank is also the most important source of information for the leisure activity calendars in most Flemish newspapers, magazines and television channels (and their websites).There is something special for children too. Vlieg (fly) is a label that indicates when an activity is for the under-12s. More than 140 cultural institutions and local authorities use this lively insect in their communications.

Creating an appetite

Distributing information all over Flanders is only the first step. We are looking for more than just readers of information; we are looking for participants in culture. Within the OuTnetwork we give local authorities support in taking a more strategic approach to their culture and leisure communication. We involve as many local organisations as possible in this endeavour. Together with them we set up initiatives aimed at a broad public.

Finally, our ‘Fly’ campaigns literally pull thousands of children over the threshold of the cultural institutions. ‘Fly’ is a recognisable figure that we have introduced into their world.

Since 2004 we have also been responsible for the organisation and communication of the annual award of the Flanders Culture Prizes.